After the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004, widowed women struggled to receive aid due to their social status. Following the story of Mrs. Manjula along with many other women from Tamil Nadu, the challenges faced by millions of widows across the country are illuminated. From being ostracized to denied basic rights and economic opportunities, widows in India endure a cycle of discrimination and marginalization. “Kalangarai” is an organization dedicated to empowering women through initiatives such as self-help groups and educational programs. Throughout the film, Lighthouse illustrates the emotional journeys and resilience of these women, as well as the active change that Kalangarai strives to achieve. This documentary urges global awareness and support for widowed women’s rights, as the women’s struggles depict the intersectionality of gender, poverty, and social injustice. 

Director’s Statement
“Lighthouse is a raw and unfiltered exploration of the often overlooked struggles of widowed women in India. Through my time in Tamil Nadu, I was forced to confront my own preconceptions and grapple with unsettling realities, an experience that I hope the audience will take away from this film. This documentary serves as a privileged platform to amplify the voices of these resilient women, whose strength and courage far surpass my own. Beyond simply shedding light on their hardships, I hope Lighthouse challenges audiences to confront their own positions of privilege to create meaningful, lasting change.” – Lola Mei Ellis

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